Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A user review (Part III)


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Is this a joke, or do you not realize how ridiculous that logic is?

I meant funny how some ppl have no issues, some others have a little and others are totally screwed.

@Kayden, you don't need to feel obliged to answer mate. It's clear that we aren't going to agree on this particular matter. We just have very different expectations. And that's crucial to the way we look at games in general. However, I do humbly wished you dropped the showstopper bug claims. This game simply doesn't have them. Which isn't to say you and some others aren't experiencing it. Just that what you see at Eidos forums and what you yourself is experiencing is a tiny portion of the much broader reality of 2 million copies shipped so far. And I hate to break it to ya, but that's the same for every single game out there, in the past, present and future.

Okay then I wont make such an indepth reply and move on. Just to retort that last comment though. The game may not have been a problem for you doesn't mean they don't exist. I know no game will be perfect when you consider how many different possible hardware configurations there are, and for me I experienced it. I gave a solution on how to fix it and honestly any game that restarts my machine is a show stopper, and tells me there is a larger issue lurking in the game. The reason it isn't such a problem is maybe because I have SLI, it's the nvidia or ati drivers or something else that is causing a common problem for this game with DX11, I don't know. I would be remiss however if I did not mention it in the review and on forums. I will not turn a blind eye to said problem if I personally experienced it, I can not in good conscious do that. I have been where you are though, everything working perfect on my end and wondering what others have done to their systems to screw up a game, case and point Dragon Age II. The game ran just fine for me with DX11 and SLI but others had MAJOR issues with FPS on similar rigs, even some near identical. I looked into it and help others resolve the issue, but because I didn't do things in the configuration the same exact way at first, I never experienced said problems until I fooled around with it. I know you want me to change my opinion but I can't do that, sorry mate.
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I'm not that much on FPS games anymore because I find the violence somewhat disturbing actually. This game in particular does have some of that too. More into strategy, racing, adventure games these days. And some FPS games from time to time.


The datastore is not a bug. If you look, the path to the erver is open, hack that and every datastorencog will be hacked automatically so no need to waste time hackung them!


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The datastore is not a bug. If you look, the path to the erver is open, hack that and every datastorencog will be hacked automatically so no need to waste time hackung them!

Yeah. Thanks, Flangie. Been forgetting to mention this. It's as Flangie says. Capturing all Red Towers (known in-game as Diagnostic Subroutines, IIRC), we automatically capture all datastores along with successfully hacking the device.

So, pay attention to your hacking. Depending on the layout, it may be faster, safer and more economical to aim for the red towers to complete the hack. Although to be frank I did find that with Hacking: Stealth maxed, hacking becomes perhaps too easy for the rest of the game and it shouldn't matter much.

Updated the article to reflect that. Thanks once again.
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Going through my 2nd play through and I am loving it! :D

Btw, the Witcher 2 review thread is deleted or something!!


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The thread you are looking for is here. Now get out of my Deus Ex thread! :p

Seriously though, seems to be some bug on the link, which points to t=0000, when it should be t=8210.