Could We See a Windows 8 Beta this Fall?


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Last fall, we linked to a report that stated Windows 8 could be released in the fall of 2012, and if recent leaks are to be believed, that seems downright doable. According to the leak, acquired by Mary-Jo Foley, Microsoft's Windows 8 schedule is going according to plan, and "Milestone 2" production has just completed, and Milestone 3 is set to begin.


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Basket Chassis
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Alright! Now a whole new OS for a whole new Internet generation to complain about!

Rob Williams

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Haha, I love the reaction to this... classic.

I agree though. I tend to run into a new Windows-related issue every day, so I'd rather see a major bug fix release than some overhaul again.


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Hmm, interesting. If they are considering a CTP release this fall that's amazingly quick... but there's no way they will launch a new OS before summer of next year I'd say. They spent a great deal of time fixing and modifying things based on user feedback generated during the Windows 7 CTP phase, I highly doubt they'd shortchange the beta-phases based on how well & important they turned out for Windows 7's reception.

Anyway they haven't talked at all about Win 8's new features yet... they will begin talking about them long before they get close to release. As of right now I'm not aware of any actual reasons to upgrde yet.