Cooler Master "Summer Fun" contest

Rob Williams

Staff member
I'll just post from the e-mail we received:

Summer is upon us and many things become scarce during this season. Among them are rain, clothes, and school days. Fortunately new products are not in short supply at Cooler Master. We are always hard at work bringing you thrilling new ways to show off to friends. So in the spirit of summer fun we have brought you a quick and easy way to score some amazing swag. Products such as our tank inspired HAF X, the exceptionally efficient Silent Pro Gold power supply, the powerful V6 GT CPU cooler, and even mystery prizes sponsored by Patriot Memory.

Entering the contest merely involves filling out our survey. A bonus will be awarded to a grand prize winner that fills out the survey, signs up for an account at, and becomes a fan of the Fan Page on Facebook.

Take a load off and cool down by spending a few minutes indoors to fill out our survey, sign up, and follow us.

How to Enter:

1. Contestant must be legal resident of The United States and Canada.
2. Fill out the entire survey here.
3. After submitting the survey, you are automatically entered into random drawings for a chance to win a Silent Pro Gold power supply AND a V6 GT CPU cooler (there are a total of ten (10) such prize packages).
4. An additional HAF X will be awarded to a winner if, AND ONLY IF, the winner completed the following with the SAME email address used in Step 3, before the winner list is announced:

* Sign up for an account on CMHD.TV.
* AND, become a fan of CMHD.TV Fan Page on Facebook.

5. Only one (1) entry is eligible per email address or shipping address.
6. Anyone who does not agree to this contest's terms & conditions below or entry that did not satisfy ALL the rules stated on this page will be automatically disqualified.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Cooler Master Summer Fun Giant Giveaways is open to all legal residents of The United States or Canada.
2. All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
3. Only one entry per email address or shipping address will be eligible for prizes.
4. You acknowledge and agree that Cooler Master shall have no obligation to post, display, or otherwise make public any information provided by you.
5. Cooler Master reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to alter any contest rules at any time.
6. By participating, you conclusively agree to be bounded by these contest rules and conditions. This is an irrevocable condition of entry.
7. No purchase or payment of any consideration is necessary to enter the contest. Purchase will not increase your chance of winning.
8. The contest and all accompanying materials are copyright © 2010 Cooler Master. All rights reserved.
9. Any contestant who does not agree with the above terms and conditions should not enter this contest.

Rob Williams

Staff member
You don't have a Facebook account, or it just won't work? I tested the URL out and it's fine for me.


Basket Chassis
Staff member
It was probably just something funky at work. I have had it not load pages correctly or at all. When I tried it earlier it took me directly to the CMHD site, not their Facebook site. It works from home though.

Thanks Rob!