Blame Canada for this world!


Tech Monkey
This isn't really tech, but it is high tech anti-fraud bills from Canada. I don't give Canada credit for much Red Green, much of the out door locations for Movies & TV shows and...Rob & Optix! This just now got added to the list this looks like a great way to prevent counter fit bills, only time will tell in the long run if it is cost effective to make in large quantities and isn't easy to duplicate in a basement with only $100g investment to make $1mil with 90% accuracy. At the moment though, I say well done Canada anti-fraud department.

Rob Williams

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Hah, Americans have called Canadian money "plastic money" for a while anyway; might as well be true.

Of course I won't mention that the Canadian dollar has been worth more than the USD for a while now.


Basket Chassis
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My son's birth certificate is made from the same thing. There's clear portions and the stuff just feels funny, almost brittle. It's much fancier than my crappy laminated card stock birth certificate.

I'm just wondering how heat from a dryer would affect this new material.