Best use for zip ties Corsair included with the PSU... Assembly!


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I needed a second machine to run 24/7 and my only real choice was to use the machine long slated for my arcade project. With a video card donated by none other than TechGage.

Problem is the machine is BTX, the low end video card chosen for its ability to fit in front of the BTX CPU cooler is still a double slot card. It won't fit with the plate attached. The power supply won't mount either both pieces of hardware need the case to be cut. Something I just couldn't do at the time.

So I used the zip ties corsair included with the power supply I picked up:

That was the first install before I slapped myself and realized the PSU was the wrong way for this particular setup. But it almost lets you see how the video card corner screw hole is ziptied to the case.

This is the whole machine:

The PSU in the proper fan down orientation does actually allow the bottom 2 screws to be used in the BTX config. However the slot this case has for the plug is low and I need to cut the case to mount it partially.


At full tilt on the AC side its only pulling 95 watts so the whole machine is only pulling 80 or so watts from the power supply. For its purpose it is more efficient than the gaming laptop that would have done the job.


Now if I can just get off my depressed butt and redo the 3d model I lost and start actually building that arcade cabinet that would be something. I just found it funny to zip tie a computer together.
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There is not enough duck-tape for this system to remain stable. Please go to your local hardware store and pick some up, for the safety of all of us.