ASUS P-Series AMD 690G Barebone PC

Rob Williams

Staff member
Rory has taken a look at ASUS' 690G-based barebones rig:

What if you could build a sub-$500 HTPC that was slim, fast, and capable, without the headache of picking bargain-barrel parts to accomplish your design goals? What if it had HDMI and 7.1 audio? With the help of their Pundit series, ASUS hopes to make barebones relevant again. Have they done it?

Read the full thing right here and discuss it here!

Rory Buszka

Partition Master
This was an...erm...interesting review, because it integrated elements of a case review, motherboard review, video card review, and sound card review -- due to the self-contained nature of the product. Rob and I began using this article as an opportunity to develop a suite of tests that are better suited to testing a motherboard with a great deal of integrated peripherals, so the testing took quite a while.

This machine doesn't run 'silently', just 'quietly', -- but if you turn off the Q-Fan function, you'll suddenly want to hunt around for heavy objects to set on top of the case so it doesn't lift off. I recommend pairing this case with an energy-efficient Athlon X2 CPU like the recent 4850e.