1. Rob Williams

    Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 1GB - AMD Reclaims GPU Supremacy

    AMD triumphantly returns with a GPU so powerful, it might just send NVIDIA's engineers scrambling back to the drawing board. AMD has gone too long without a real high-end graphics card to compete with the competition, but they're done with the pity, and prove it with the HD 4870 X2, which...
  2. Rob Williams

    ASUS P-Series AMD 690G Barebone PC

    Rory has taken a look at ASUS' 690G-based barebones rig: What if you could build a sub-$500 HTPC that was slim, fast, and capable, without the headache of picking bargain-barrel parts to accomplish your design goals? What if it had HDMI and 7.1 audio? With the help of their Pundit series, ASUS...
  3. Rob Williams

    AMD Tunes Back In with All-In-Wonder HD

    ATI's All-In-Wonder cards might have been killed off in 2006, but they are being brought back to life now in the form of the All-In-Wonder HD. The new card is based on the Radeon HD 3650, offers all of the benefits of the TV Wonder series and is priced at $199. You can read the full article...