Antec To Launch KUHLER H20 920 Liquid Cooler


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Anybody paying attention to the recent explosion of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers knows just how hot the market is. These units allow for excellent temperatures while remaining nearly silent, without the need to leak test or refill them, as would be the case with a custom water setup.


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I can't make up my mind if the name sounds more like the faucet company or cooler....

Interesting that they use a full thickness radiator, is a promising sign.


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The thing I don't like about such a thick radiator is that now all of your airflow is being stolen before it hits your VRMs.

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Heh, I have to agree with the faucet reference.

Given it's pronunciation, shouldn't it be quite obvious? Though thoughts of a faucet are just about the last thing I want to imagine when pondering the internals of my PC. o_O