Antec 900 Airflow Mod


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Now I was thinking on this for awhile, I kept saying to myself what can I do to keep my hardware cooler and here is the answer!


Look closely, notice nothing in the drive bays! I pulled my second DVD drive (simply to complete the look, and all 3 of my harddrives. Where are they you may ask, well here they are running "external":


There you can see the HP slimline that was modded to accommodate 3 HDDs where the mobo should be, as well as the DVD drive in its standard position in the case. The HDD led, power led, front usb and card reader were all extended to reach into the Antec 900 through one of the water cooling ports. It was also modded to have a 120mm Antec tricool on the side panel to keep the drives nice and cool as well.


Flash On:

Flash Off:

Temps on both GPUs were pushing 88C now the EVGA (Top card, virtually no airflow limiters) runs at 64C at 70% fan speed, I modded the bios on it so it starts at 70% and ramps up faster like the Twin Frozr. The MSI (Partially blocked from the sata cables and other wires) runs at 73C with 76% fan, ambient on the cards is 49C mobo ambient is 33C vs previously ~55C.


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I'm excited about the F*CK PIRATES transfer!

It makes sense though. No obstructions behind the front fans and less wires to restrict the air flow. Well done.


I have modified some 900 cases. The airflow is not that bad really. The fans do push some good air.
I always mounted the hard drive at the very top or at the bottom. To keep the drive internal but keep them out of the way or the air. Also upgrading to some 110 CFM fans will help too.