AMD Releases First Llano-based Fusion Desktop APUs

Rob Williams

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If it seems like AMD's Llano desktop processors have taken forever to get here, it might be because... they have - or at least it feels that way. When I first heard of Llano and what AMD planned on doing with it, I couldn't wait to see a release. After all, with it, it means that both Intel and AMD now have true hybrid processor designs, combining both a traditional CPU together with an IGP. But if there's one thing of importance that Intel doesn't have that AMD does, it's Radeon graphics.


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Basket Chassis
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If a little extra money comes in, this is the backbone of my HTPC so I can do away with our works-when-it-wants-to DivX player. Very cool.


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I have a AMD AM2 5.2GHZ with 4GB of ram and a 8500 with HDMI running my MCEPC, I wouldn't mind looking into this as an alternative for it being the primary and turning that machine into an extender. The more power and $$ I can save the better, curious where the performance lays with IGP for HD movies.
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