AMD Quad Core (Really a Hex-Core) 960T


Tech Monkey

  • Four AMD K10 cores using chip harvesting technique from 6 core Thuban die, with two cores disabled
  • 45 nm SOI with Immersion Lithography
  • L1 cache: 64 kB + 64 kB (data + instructions) per core
  • L2 cache: 512 kB per core, full-speed
  • L3 cache: 6 MB shared between all cores.
  • Memory controller: dual channel DDR2-1066 MHz (AM2+), dual channel DDR3-1333 (AM3) with unganging option
  • MMX, Extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a, AMD64, Cool'n'Quiet, NX bit, AMD-V
  • Turbo Core
  • Socket AM2+, Socket AM3, HyperTransport with 2 GHz
  • Power consumption (TDP): 95 Watt
  • First release
    • Unknown
  • Clock rate: 3.0 GHz, up to 3.4 GHz with Turbo Core
  • Models: Phenom II X4 960T
I hope Techgage gets one of these!!! :D I wanna know if it unlocks :p
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Basket Chassis
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If it does, woah baby! Mileage will vary of course but even a penta-core would be a step up and a bonus for your dollar.


Tech Monkey
hahaha that would be fairly interesting, just imagine all the weirdness of having 5 cores,its kinda like the tri cores.