copy protection

  1. Rob Williams

    STALKER: Clear Sky Features 5-Time Activation Limit

    From our front-page news: I hate to post more about copy protection in games, but I can't help it. I've ranted about it a hundred times in the past, but ironically, I've never actually been the victim - until last night. Spore? Nope. Mass Effect? Nah. STALKER: Clear Sky? You guessed it...
  2. Rob Williams

    EA Loosens Up Spore DRM, But is it Enough?

    From our front-page news: Early last week, I posted about how Spore's asinine DRM protection wasn't paying off. After all, despite the fact that Will Wright's game has become a relative masterpiece, for the past two weeks it's been best-known for being the "game with DRM", which isn't good at...
  3. Rob Williams

    Spore's DRM Protection Not Exactly Paying Off

    From our front-page news: Back in May, I had a minor rant about piracy, and the fact that the worst victims of it are the real consumers. It's us who pay for the game that have to put up with ridiculous protections, not the pirates. The pirates instead download a game, apply a crack, and be done...