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    OS X is now FREE for ever!

    Incredible, but from today all major updates for OS X is now as cheap as Linux..... it's FREE!
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    iO7 Update Almost Broke The Entire Internet

    With over 60% of iOS's 700,000,000 devices updating to iOS 7 in less than a week the L.A. Times is reporting that it was so massive that it almost broke and brought down the entire internet!,0,1061098.story
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    UBUNTU 13.0

    Not yet, but will when I'm not so busy. You might have been referring to Fink and Fink Commander below:
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    UBUNTU 13.0

    Considering how similar Linux and Unix is someone has now finally come out with a Wine-like software solution (Darling, see link below) that runs OS X apps that makes Linux, including Ubuntu, of course, all the more interesting. Regarding Ubuntu it is still my favorite Linux distro, but I have...
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    UBUNTU 13.0

    Tomorrow Ubuntu 13.0 will be available for download, and I can't wait!
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    Apple Unveils iPad Mini and Updated iPad

    I am not that interested in the iPad mini, itself but the new iMac.... WOW! I have a couple of grand left over from my last three paychecks, and I am really tempted to buy one of these super skinny, super sexy machines. It does not have a Retina display, but running OS X, Windows 7, 8, or Linux...
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    Windows 8 Launches Friday - Will You Be Buying It?

    I agree, Windows 7 is one sweet OS, but I still find Windows 8 to have its charm, but not enough to replace Windows 7.
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    Apple Confirms iPhone 5's Purple Aura Camera Issue

    Just as many phones had the so-called "antenna gate" problem long before the iPhone, so does this purple haze problem exists for other Android phones as noted by Consumer Reports, and as their photos show...
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    iPhone 5 Performance Leaves Competition Eating Dust

    I am not that keen on specs, but yesterday, in Fredericton, on the way to Halifax and PEI, I actually got to play with an iPhone 5 from a guy I met at Future Shop, and I was quite impressed with its speed and power, and the screen was fabulous, just fabulous, not too big, not too small, and even...
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    Apple Unveils iPhone 5; Sports 4-inch Retina Display, LTE, A6 CPU

    I agree with virtually everything you stated. Even though it's not perfect, it might just be the first cell phone, besides the Galaxy S III, that tempts me. I'm out of town, but when I get back I might just look into buying one of these things. As much as I like the Samsung, it's just a tad-bit...
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    Patently Backwards

    Thank you for pointing out that you asked Rob for an exclusive on this point; however, he didn't indicate that to me in a recent email, so my apology. And yes, I agree with you about the whole process of patent law, it should be changed as you suggested and even Florian Mueller noted, so thanks...
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    Patently Backwards

    Of course they'll appeal it, but appealing something doesn't mean they'll automatically win. The lawyer below believes otherwise, and Florian Mueller thinks Samsung's appeal looks to be far weaker than the first trial...
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    Patently Backwards

    Apple's win will HELP further innovation, not lessen it. Having Samsung, Google, etc., spending three months to copy what another company spent years and millions of dollars to create is absurd, as is attacking the jury which was especially picked to be non-partial, well educated and more...
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    Microsoft Updates Company Logo

    I like it!
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    Apple's Biggest Reason to Sue Android Vendors: Marketshare

    "He said that profit wasn't it because they already make the most money. The amount isn't the issue after saying they had the most.", Admitting that Apple is the most valuable tech company, with the most money, doesn't turn this post from being a negative post about Apple into a positive one...