Zalman ZM-MFC2 Fan Controller

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    Good fan controllers can be an excellent addition to any PC, but it's hard for companies to differentiate their own controllers from the others. Zalman tackles that problem with their MFC2, which in addition to controlling your fans, can also tell you how many watts your computer is hogging.

    You can read the full review here and discuss it here.
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    How many watts per channel?????

    I recently had a poor experience with the Scythe Kama-Meter.

    Some people on Newegg had similar problems.

    The Kama-meter was quality in every way except the one that matters most.

    Looking at the Zalman product specification page, I don't see watts/channel shown anywhere, which to me is a very bad sign.

    If I'm going to spend up to $70 on something that is supposed to control my fans, it had better be able to do what a $15 Sunbeam Rheobus can.

    I'm not saying that every user is going to have more than 4 fans in their case, (but hell, the TJ07 comes with 6, stock) but looking at the ($35) Kama-meter reviews on Newegg, I'm willing to bet that a large portion of the people who would consider buying the ZM-MFC2 will be very happy to know what the allowable wattage per channel is. IHMO, the wattage/channel is a rating-breaking factor.

    EDIT: Closer checking on Zalman's site and product retail sites seems to indicate that no more than one fan per channel is allowed. :thumbsdown: I think I'll go start a rant thread now.
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    NicePants > You can draw up to 7w pr. channel. Thats not bad.

    Btw. i think this fancontroller is nice, i think I'll buy one!

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