Zalman GS1000 Full-Tower

Rob Williams

Staff member
The first name that comes to mind when pondering a new chassis isn't likely to be Zalman, but with the few enthusiast models they've released so far, it's easy to see they mean business. We're taking their brand-new GS1000 for a spin to see if its features and size make up for the $199 price tag.

You can read Bill's full review here and discuss it here.


Missing reset sw & hdd activity light!

The case is missing both a reset switch and an hdd activity light! This is inexcusable! I ultimately pilfered the missing hardware from an older case, ran my wires out one of the water cooler tube holes and taped them to the top! Also, I would have been happy to have an eSata port on the front panel rather than the firewire port which is there.

Secondly, the deluxe usb connectors that come with most external drives won't allow you to make more than a single connection to the front panel, as the port openings are too close together!!

Finally, the screws that hold the top to the chassis are hidden, and there are no instructions for removing the top. I discovered how to do it by breaking the top. Since the top is plastic, I was able to crazy-glue the broken posts back together, but still, instructions would have been nice!!


Tech Monkey
I would like to see the weight of cases listed. For me, I think it the only reason to shop for aluminum versus steel.

Being interested in water cooling, I am always curious about convenience & the space of adding WC radiators like 2x120s or even 2x140s (well ... any size) plus fans internally or even drill tapped holes for external. Add to that the size of grommet-ed holes for tubing feedthru? Making your own holes is a real PITA.

I wonder if a 2x120 radiator plus 2 fans will fit in the top of this case ... that would need about 60mm between the m/b & the top?