Xp 32 vs Xp 64


Not sure where to put this.
I play BF2, FEAR, and STALKER. anyway, I installed XP 64. Im not sure what it is, but it seems slower than xp 32. I have not had any compat problems with any of the game or software.
my system is this.
Core 2 duo E6600 at 3.0
kingston DDR2 800 at 814(or something) Cl4
ati x1950xt
and 2 Raptors 36gb in RAID 0
asus p5b deluxe

It just seems sluggish. Games run like a dream though. Maybe i have some overhead from Service pack 2, and some extra shit running. But i dont have anything start up witht he computer. just Avast, and my Razer crap. Maybe another reformat and try again? I mean this was the first time i used xp64. maybe i missed something

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There really isn't anything that you could have missed during the install process. Also, are your drivers up to date? Could it be in your head perhaps?

Did you install XP-64 or XP Pro 64? There is a significant difference.
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Rob Williams

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It could be normal Windows issues... I've sometimes installed fresh copies of XP and found it to run slow, then re-install it and have it run great. Windows is a strange OS in that regard. Like Greg said, there's really nothing you could have missed during install. I'd run Windows Update and make sure you are up to date in that regard, and also check the ASUS support site to make sure you have the latest drivers for your OS.


Odd - typically my gaming experiences, and my overall interaction with XP has felt pretty speedy since I went Xp64.


I've seen speed variances from xp32 to xp64 working in both directions on the same machine. So it may not be just you anyway. Almost all of them come from drivers, having the newest one doesn't always help either.
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When I played BF2 on XP64 about 2 years ago, i knew I was giving up some performance in order to try the os. There were a number of benchmarks clearly demonstrating performance penalty for gaming (at least with BF2) under XP64. I don't know where they are, but they are out there.

That said, drivers have changed since then, so ymmv.


Out of curiosity, did you try adjusting the mouse pointer? You did say it was the desktop experience that seemed sluggish, right?