XG Duro 900 Power Supply

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This is also assuming that you can avoid using the immature comments that you did use in the earlier posts.

We at Techgage, cannot get any better without the feedback from readers like you. I would like, however, to see our readers inform us of any mistakes that we might have made, in a mature manner and not in the form of insults. Which is what happened in the earlier posts. We are working to correct the mistakes in the review so please, let us do our jobs. We do not want to lose any readers regardless of past posts.

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As I said before I'm not letting this issue lie. I've been on the horn with Jason and spoke via email with the PM of the Duro and here's what I've discovered: The Duro has a nominal wattage of 820W continuous (@ 25°C I assume) a peak of 900W and a continuous wattage of 750W @ 50°C. Jason tells me that after finding this out MGE will be modifying the packaging of the Duros in stock to reflect the true wattage and the next batch delivered will have new packaging with the proper spec.s on them.

As soon as I can get with Rob I will be modifying my review to reflect these findings but don't assume that I'm going to be overly harsh in my final score. I will be dropping it to a 7/10 over this, no lower since they are going to make it right and 750W @ 50°C is still a respectable amount of power from a $150 PSU.


I am glad to hear that MGE will be changing the way they market the product and allow the consumer to see a more accurate power rating. There is still one major problem and as a number 2 or 3 man in the organization you might now be aware of how this works. Someone at MGE knew in the beginning that this was not a true 900 watt product. I do applaud them for taking the necessary steps to fix the problem after they have been called out on it. I do hope that what they claim now is factual because we have a unit on the way to an independent testing facility.

In all fairness, a true 750 watt product, with a lifetime warranty (that was actually my idea and was proposed through Kali) for 150 dollars is incredible and would deserve a 9 or higher rating. As far as changing your score from a 9 to a 7 I am not so sure that really needs to be done as long as MGE takes the appropriate steps. With a 900 watt claim the product should score a 3 but at 750 watts a 9 is perfect. This is just my opinion BTW.

I see this as an industry problem since there is not a standard in which PSUs are rated. Setting a real standard would solve the problem but why would a company such as MGE or anyone for that matter want to give their true numbers when a PC Power & Cooling advertise Real World Specs.

As a consumer I would like to thank you Matt for taking the time to find out all of the details on this product. If I offended you with my previous posts please understand that I was not making trying to make a personal accusation but one of your reviewing practices. I am not one to sugar coat anything so when the hammer falls something usually gets pinched.


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I've changed it to a 7 because MGE passed off a 750W PSU as a 900W, had the rep not told me that they would rectify the situation I would've dropped it to a 5 simply because people buy equipment based on the spec.s printed on the packaging and they'd be buying something that won't do what it advertises and that's supply 1/5th more power at 50°C. Had it been advertised at 750W it would've got a 9 and editors choice award but it wasn't.

As you say, when the hammer falls something gets pinched, in this case it's MGE's score.

For what it's worth the product manager who designed this PSU with Seventeam knew the true wattages but for some reason the cooked wattages made it onto the box. Honest mistake? Marketing scam? I don't know but I'm not happy about this.


Indeed Matt...as little as I know thus far, there are a few contract claims by consumers here, and potential for a class action.... We rely on the representations made by the seller on the fitness of their products. It would likely be a material breach where the heart of what was promised is broken... Anyways, back to studying..

Edit: Probably negligent representation, but then again..it's all up to Discovery....


Well MGE certaintly wouldent be the first and far from teh last to market a PSu with faulty power output ratings. Bassed on total peak, and peak optimum ratings.

This issues gets even worse when you get into the audio arena, and you have people start talking about wattages. Where you have RMS and PMPO, neither of which are truely acccurate.

You get 560 watts PMPO, 100 Wattts RMS, and in terms of actual rated wattage, its about 4-5.

Kinda funny when you hear a "10 watt" tube amp go up against the latest and greatest 550 watt Yamaha reciever, and bolw the doors off of it in terms of db @ 1m.

As to the unregistered guy. Really, you should register. I was formerly in teh industry as well. And still know plenty of people around the watering hole. And have my hands in plenty of peoples business. As such, i give Rob and the gang here a ton of greif over stuff. But they constantly bounce back. And return with better reviews. I thing as a result of my bitching, they finally gave their first sub 7 review. ;) I kid, i kid. Anyway, couldent hurt. And another industry punter is welcome in my book.


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I'd like to let everyone know that MGE got the spec.s changed for the Duro on their site. It now correctly states 750W continuous and 900W peak.

Their rep assures me that the new shipment will be correctly labeled as well. I hope that he's right.
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For those that have used this PSU

I recently acquired a DFi Lan Party UT CFX3200 motherboard and my Thermaltake PurePower 680 is dying. I borrowed my friend's Duro 900 thinking it will be just fine whilst I wait for my RMA. I removed my PSU and replaced it with the Duro 900. I plugged everything in and an led which is normally lit up solid was blinking. I got out a psu tester and everything checked out ok. I plugged the Thermaltake back up, the led was solid. I unplugged it and connected the Duro 900, no go. I finally noticed that pin 17 was missing. ping 17 is missing. Theres a hole there like any other 24 pin plug, just no wire in there. Is this common or is there something wrong with this PSU? By the way, if you hold the 24 pin plug vertically with the clip on the right hand side as you're looking at it; it's going to be the 5th hole up, starting from the bottom.


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It's common on most new PSU's today to see that pin missing. It's for the -5V wire which isn't used by modern ATX motherboards for anything.


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Just a quick update, I have loaded the Duro to 750W with 600W on the 12V rails and the 12V voltages dropped .02V at full load from 12.06 (at 580W, 432W on the 12V rails) to 12.04V and a total of .10V from a 96W load which were 12.14 with a 48W load on the 12V rails. At 750W the ripple on the 12V rails was a mere 20mv and the 3.3V rail was at 10mv as was the 5V rail. The 5V rail was at 17A and the 3.3V rail was at 14A on the 750W test.

I'll try a higher output wattage after I have some time to sit and calculate the wattages for the load, this test was done on the fly. As it sits the Duro is an awesome 750W PSU, I'd be hard pressed to find another PSU that has so little ripple with a 600W load on the 12V rails.