Xbox360 Semi sorta mod


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Ok well its not 100% done as the controllers don't match, but here was the very first part:

The next step was to change the color of the box:

The last step is to dip dye the white parts of the controllers. Some more pics of the box as it is:





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Looks good! What all did you do? Paint the case, changed the power LED to blue, colored the tray & power button metallic gray...? Will look sweet after those controllers match. :)


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yea Its actually a metallic silver but I would like to get the entire ROL blue (preferably buying preinstalled LEDs on a new RF board) Soldering those tiny LEDs suck. I would also like to do the controller LEDs to match though other than that I think my mod is done unless I pick up some blue LED talismoon fans (not exactly the cheapest things or easiest things to get)


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Never done LED mods on the 360, but I'll bet those look great! I saw the sparkle in the silver in the first pic... immediately saw the metal flake. Nearly impossible to get a picture that shows that stuff properly! ;) Always looks better in person! Get yourself a cheap tripod to take pictures from, especially the low light/no strobe ones, you will like the results.

Looks good, M8! ;)


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Thanks man, first thing I am getting is a set of Talismoon Legacy Wispermax fans with Nitro switch and blue leds. After that I will get the ROL done (gonna buy predone, pretty cheap and less pain on me, SMD LEDs are annoying to solder or else I would do it)


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This does have an update but first I have to find my camera :p

EDIT: Found it.






This controller was white but after a failed dip dye attempt I just got a black shell and sprayed a bit of silver, the other white one got a coat of black and some light silver so they are similar but its main silver piece was a dull grey so it got a coat of silver but the one on the the controller in the pic is from a pro so it was already shiny.
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