X360: Madden 07

Rob Williams

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Madden is back for its 17th installment and we are promised the richest experience yet. This time around we have the addition of Lead Blocker control, hall of fame mode, run like the players and a more feature-rich franchise mode.

You can read Gregs review here and discuss it here!


The One, The Only...
Youd expect me to give this game a thumbs up as a football player wouldnt you?

But im not. I hate sports games. They are in general the same game every year with a "new roster", slightly better graphics (scale of increase depending on the generation switch over of consoles), and maybe a new bell and whistle or two. I mean really? These games make their selling point on graphics and realism only. "dude you can see the hairs on his leg" - One of my less intelligent former teamates.

I mean really, i could even give you an evolution in terms of bells and wistles:

the coveted "spin move", The turbo button, 3 demensional gameplay concepts (such as looking down field in a pov position), Huge jump in graphics from the old gen to the current, NFL Blitz (ok so it a game, but it itroduced alot of people to the genre that hated it/werent into it), Player moves, sight for qb's looking (the latest that ive seen). I really have a distaste for the genre. It's a successful one. But something that strives for "realism" makes an oxymoron of itself by never really knowing what it means to do something like play college or pro football. The moment EA games has a player from every position consulting on every aspect of the game (and influincing the final product), I might look into playing it.

Greg King

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Sports games as a whole, except baseball games, I do not like to play by myself. If I can play a friend, no matter their flaws, you know your opponent is dealing with them too. I love playing friends in sports games. By myself, not so much.


superstar mode

in madden 06 i loved the superstar mode, now in 07 you cant even pick my own plays? or control any other player but yours? that is just stupid and it sure doesnt help your skills on the game when you have to play and friend and all you've been controling is one player while in superstar mode! it makes superstar mode so boring! I want full control back!!!


game time length

i would like to know how to change the game time settings for xbox 360 in franchise mode. Could anyone help me?