Oh ppl...all we need to know is when to settle...when to say enough is enough. If one is highly interested in building a monster rig, then fine, pour in the dough. But my system, despite its annoying issues, is good enough for my purposes. The rest of the money goes to feeding myself and further bullying me liver! :D
And of course, there's nothing better I'd like than to see some of my beautiful friends and ski like a madman!

In a better related analogy, it's like me with my turbo charged Corolla against some car with monstrous horsepower. Sure, it'll rock for me to be racing around in those cars, but on the streets, my nonflashy car nonetheless gets the job done...going 110mph with other sweet cars around the Beltway..mmm, nothing like going twice as fast as the posed limit. I don't think I'll be doing that anymore, but the little turbocharged car is good enough. And so is my PC.


Tech Monkey
Rob Williams said:
Well, I do agree 16GB of memory is overkill :D

Not for medical imaging (which I think is what this rig was made for...) in which file resolution is HYOOJ!!! Health care imaging is something that I cannot fathom. I have a friend of mine that is working in the data backup biz, putting in massive arrays of tape backup systems. One of their largest percentage of customers are in the medical imaging field.

Digitalization and virtualization have been a boon for medical care... but what to do with all of that data?