Wireless Network help..

Rob Williams

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Yeah, so I'm a networking noob. In fact, I hate them which is why I need help! I just finished setting up my network, but I am confused by how the thing is supposed to work.

Three computers connect to the router fine, but my moms computer doesn't. I *have* to plug her computer directly into the router in order for her net to work. For her computer, I am using a USB wifi adapter, and it's installed fine. When I search for networks though, nothing comes up.

Is there a reason her computer can't connect?


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It depends on how your wireless router is setup. Most routers have an encryption option which requires a WEP key for verification, but it can be setup without it. Depending on how far away from the computer the router is, the adapter may not be able to pick up the signal.
You may need to go into the router with another computer and allow more incoming connections. I'd need to know more about the network to give better advice, sorry.

Rob Williams

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Naw, this router is directly beside this PC. It was the first PC I tried setting up. It is using WEP encryption, but that's not the issue. Her computer will not even 'see' an available network.


Ok, this should be preaty easy.

I suppose that since its a USB adapter, you probibly went the bone ehad route and installed the included USB adapter software? Well, if you did, your a knot head, and need to hit your self upside the nogg'n with a large stick?

Unconscious yet?

Next time, just use the included drivers on the disc, and leave the software alone, XP's network handler works MUCH better.

Now, for the fix.

Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services...

Scroll WAY to the bottom.

Wireless Zero Configureation.

Stop the process. Then restart it. You should see the router on the network just fine.

Its a problem that most often happens if the SSID on the router is blank.

So try that, and see if it works. Or uninstall teh software, and manually install the drivers for the wireless adapter yourself, and let XP handle it, then it should work just fine.

Rob Williams

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Yes I installed the drivers manually and it worked fine. I will try that tomorrow, but will be surprised if it works :)


Why not just keep it plugged into the router if its that close to it? Some wireless routers dont get a good signal really close to it.