Windows Vista SP1 Ships Next Week

Greg King

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Staff member may be true that it slows the system down.

After the initial slowdown, it will feel a bit slower as the update cleared out the drive indexing and needs to be rebuilt. This will take a bit of time but as you use your PC, it's "memory of locations" will get back to normal.

Directly from the horses mouth...

The Windows Vista SP1 install process clears the user-specific data that is used by Windows to optimize performance, which may make the system feel less responsive immediately after install. As the customer uses their SP1 PC, the system will be retrained over the course of a few hours or days and will return to the previous level of responsiveness.


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I think it's even better than before install of SP1
Maybe it cleaned out some old files

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Rob Williams

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Checked just now and 34 language packs

(I dount neeeed no steeenking language packs )

Yeah... for some reason after installing SP1... those language packages no longer show up for me. AND for some odd reason, "Search" is no longer found in my start menu.

I'll keep SP1, but it's sure been clunky so far.

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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I forget the reason but I recall reading about "search" being removed in the white papers.

I am happy with SP1. 100%.


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And for all you disheartened Vista users that are having SP1 issues, MS is now offering free support.

Microsoft offers free SP1 Vista support

MEGALITHIC software giant Microsoft is offering free support for those who upgrade its Vista operating system to SP1.

A SpokesVole told the great unwashed that anyone needing technical support while they try to upgrade to SP1 can go here to sort out their woes.

Support is possible via an e-mail, online chat or telephone. It is not a 24 hour help desk on the later two options.