Windows Vista Gaming Performance Reports


The One, The Only...
13 is the generally accepted age for free roaming of the Internet. It is debatable that you should be 18 before you have FREE, free range of it because of it's vast adult content.

That means this guy/girl should at least have the education of a 13yr old. (granted that is a stretch for some 20 year olds.) 13 last I checked was 8-9th grade. He/she should have learned this "scientific" method by now.

Any chance you will do another review with the latest driver rev? Also can you test how WoW performs, I know it relies on Internet connection but I want to see you do it on XP vs Vista on your machine.

I read something recently about music being played and the Internet being effected... o.0 Id like to see someone do a test of WoW while music was playing.

Edit: P.s. I said "scientific" method because I am a creationist who believes only in micro-evolution. [startjoke] And that there is no such things as "Cell"s since that is only a theory, And that My body is the smallest divisible portion of my body. It is a very Gestalt-ian idea[/endjoke]
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