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Hey guys, I was hoping someone could lend me some insight on an ongoing problem with Windows Update for me. About 2 months ago, I switched from Cox Cable from ATT and I haven't been able to update Windows for the life of me. I keep getting Windows Update error 80004002. I have Vista Home 64-bit.

I've tried re-registering the DLL's as outline here.

I've tried re-installing the Windows Update client as outlined here.

I've tried the Windows Update fix tool (I forget the link, the one from Microsoft) and it says it fixes the problem, but the problem is still there. I've shut off any and all virus scanners and firewalls. I've downloaded this Fix WU tool from here

I've ran registry scanners, and everything else I can think of short of actually reinstalling Windows! And I don't have a backup from when it was working. I can't actually think of what could be the problem. I have a dual boot system with XP 32 bit, and Windows Update works fine on there, and my girlfriends laptop with 7 works fine! It's driving me bonkers! I hope someone can give some tips on what it might be. I really don't think I'm going to reinstall Windows over this problem. Its just damn annoying.

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Ugh, I'm at a loss. I am hoping someone else can chime in with other ideas. The last time I had a problem this complicated I ended up just reformatting. Not an idea situation that's for sure. This highly unlikely has anything to do with the ISP change, since your other PCs are fine.


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EDIT: Nevermind. Just noticed you already did what was suggesting.

Just for fun disable windows firewall if you have it enabled. Or any other firewall for that matter.
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Thanks guys, I figured that there's no "quick" fix for my problem. And yeah, I shut off every and all firewalls and virus scanners and anything I can think of. I might just go ahead and reformat eventually, thanks for the ideas.


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Last thing I can think of is port forwarding or something on the router. But due to an ISP switch? I doubt that's the issue.

You've done pretty much everything possible, sorry we can't be of much help.