Windows 8 to Have Improved Transfer Dialogs

Rob Williams

Staff member
I haven't been thrilled about all that's been floating around about Windows 8, but with its development blog launched about two weeks ago, Microsoft has been unveiling more good than bad. Its latest announced improvement? A much-needed overhaul of the file transfer dialogs, to improve both control and performance.


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Techgage Staff
Staff member
Only took them ten years! Very glad to see this. Same with the pause functionality... given the sizes of files in this day and age, the need to PAUSE rather than cancel then restart a multi-GB transfer is a no brainer.

I wonder, does this mean if a system (or network) file transfer is interrupted, will it now support resume as well? Maybe that's too much to ask for...


Tech Monkey
This must have been the biggest negative feedback for Win todate, like Kougar said it took them ten years! I would celebrate in the street if it weren't for the fact that we just had a fire out here in the Cajon pass and I would probably have to come back in and get on my neb after one leap. (c: