When is it right to sell reviewed hardware.


So this came up on another forum.

When is it right to sell hardware you have reviewed?

And at what cost do you sell that hardware? Should you sell it for retail cost for your own gain? Or try and help someone out and sell it for what the shipping is worth?

I know the company has "given" you the Hardware to do as you please with it, in hopes that you give them good marks. And I guess you can do what you want with it when you are done, if you are not advised to send it back.




I reviewed a printer/scanner/fax machine. Since I already had a better one, plus a laser printer it got donated to a local charity.


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Back when I used to do the reviewing thing, 75% of what I reviewed got used here at the house (friends and family). The rest got sold off or used as repair parts for donation PC's, I normally only asked for 50% of retail depending on how long it got used, if it got opened or taken apart.
I do know some site owners/reviewers that try and squeeze every penny that they can out of a part and don't even tell the buyer that they are review samples (I wrote for such a guy at one time), which I don't think is fair and basicly dishonest.

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If a review sample isn't returned, I more often than not I give it away to friends or family or it sits in my office/test bench/safe haven from the wife. I have sold a few items in the past but it's always been for pennies on the dollar. I'm not looking to get rich off this gig and I certainly didn't spend my time college preparing to be an editor.

It's advertisement for the companies that donate the products so it works out well for them (unless their product is terrible) but it's nice to be able to help friends with system builds or help out a family member who otherwise wouldn't even know how convenient a certain piece of hardware will make their lives.

That said, I don't see selling something that you reviewed, if the manufacturer doesn't ask for it back, as being wrong. Of course there are exceptions to this but for the most part, it does help offset all the time and energy you put forth trying to provide a complete review. On most products we review here at Techgage, there is a lot of test time in each article. Not to mention the time it takes to write the review. It's a trade off for sure but personally, if I can help someone out, I will usually give them the item if I have no practical use for it.
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> "When is it right to sell hardware you have reviewed?"

When it's no longer needed. I have no issue whatsoever with our editors selling products they've reviewed, as long as it's no longer required (as in, we don't need it for future testing) and as long as they keep Techgage's name out of it. I know for a fact, most of them who do give away most of their hardware to friends and family, but when stuff is lying around and has no place to go, then selling it is the logical choice.

Also, all Techgage staff (except me) are volunteers, so they are free to do whatever they like with the product once a review is delivered.

As for the particular case you are referring to, that's something that is frowned upon, since the item being sold is not even available on the market yet.


Another site I know of sells their review samples on ebay and uses the profits to finance the site. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.