What's Stopping You From Purchasing an SSD?

Rob Williams

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Naish! Damn man, it's good to see you around!

As for the 520, you'd be making a very, very good choice ;-)


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I was just thinking about something as I combine clips from fraps that are 40 to 60 gb total with vdub allowing me to drop them straight into Adobe Media Encoder rather than have to combine them using Premiere Pro.

Its really awesome to have atleast 2 hard drives in a system for this kind of work. I can read from one drive and combine the file or encode (usually a later stage for fraps work) to another at 3 to 4 times the speed I can with one drive.

I was starting to think with an SSD you really only need one drive because random back and forth is faster..... Yeah only problem there is on a 120 GB drive I wouldnt have enough space for a single file. That is except for final encoded files which are between 50 MB and at worst 4.25 GB.

I once again retreat to wishing for an affordable 240 :p