What would be the downside to Modding my G1?


I've been thinking about modding (jailbraking and gaining root access) my G1, and online i've seen nothing but good things. What would be the downside of going through with this operation? Perharps a Pros and Cons list could illustrate a good picture for me. Thanks in advance.

Rob Williams

Staff member
The biggest problem with jailbreaking is that on occasion an update could be released that doesn't bode well, though I don't have enough experience with it to be able to claim an issue. I have an HTC Legend here I think I am soon going to jailbreak also... need to change carriers and paying an exorbitant fee doesn't sound too appealing.

If jailbreaking, be sure to see if there's a way to reverse the jailbreak easily enough, that way if something does go wrong, you could at least revert the phone back to its initial status.

I wish I had more experience to comment on this.