What processors can be used to replace a Pentium 4 processor?


It's on a Dell Optiplex GX280 SFF. I just want to know what kind of processors I can put in the computer and the thing will still work. And please don't tell me to buy a new computer. I'm kind of working on a project and "go buy a new computer" doesn't help me much, does it?


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It's very hard to say if i'm to be honest. Dell systems are not forthcoming on the internals used. From what I can gather, that system uses either a Pentium 4 520 or 540, which means it uses the later generation LGA775 Socket rather than 478. The problem, largely to do with the chipset, is that you are limited to 90nm Pentium 4 and Celeron D CPUs, not the later generation P4 Ds. So the best CPU you could probably get is a P4 670, but you would need a new power supply as well, like a 300 watt+. Basically, any 90nm LGA775 based P4 can be used (Prescott series).

Your options are very limited. You could buy an Atom based nano-ITX motherboard with CPU on board for the same performance, lower power, and cheaper, or even one of AMD's new fusion based systems that might fit inside the same SFF case.


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Tharic's spot on, as usual. :)

I like his idea of an nano-ITX/micro-ITX Atom, although the GX280 SFF appears to use DDR2-400 memory. Atom motherboards fit DDR2 but I am uncertain if that will work, it may or may not need new DDR2. Some newer Atom boards will also fit the cheaper DDR3 though, if ya do want to go that route. As for using the same SFF case, it would depend if the Dell system uses a proper ATX spec power supply... they customized the 20/24pin plugs on some PSUs so it's one concern I'd have before putting an Atom board in there.