What modders do when they are injured and bored....


Tech Monkey
You guys know I've been recovering from ankle surgery for the past few weeks. Well, I got into a hard cast a week ago.

Here are the stage pics:

Right after surgery (for 2 weeks) I had to wear this soft splint:

Then they cut it off, and I got to see a bit of their work. No bruising, and the incisions look great!


Then, they planned on a new cast... and I wanted to have a good, easy pallet to work from! ;) So I chose black:

Well, tonight, while I was out getting used to my airbrush equipment, and getting mixtures down, I went to town on my cast! I still have several more effects to add in, but... you see where I am going... ;)



I have some green accents to add in, and then I have to get the Dallas Stars logo on the top of the shin, but I believe I have an easy way to do that... maybe... ;)

Just thought I'd share this with my fellow nutcases!


Greg King

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If I could respect you any more than I do right now, I might explode. Good times but I dont think anyone is surprised bro. Good times indeed.


Tech Monkey
That's absolutely awesome TD! Sorry about the ankle and all. I know you've been dealing with that for a bit now. Hope you heal quick man!