What is the hardest game you've EVER played?

Jen McPherson

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Ok, title says it all. This can be any game from any system, from the old atari systems to now. What is the hardest game you've EVER played?

Here is my number one game. I'll think of more though, trust me ^^

Two words. Battle Toads. This game for the nintendo was the hardest game EVER. My brothers and I played it, for hours and hours, we could NEVER beat it no matter how hard we tried. My youngest brother finally beat it this past year... a NINTENDO game ... but here's the thing, he HAD to use the game genie to do it. It is impossible to beat it without cheating. Period. Try... I assure you that you'll pull your hair out and beat your controler to a pulp in the process.


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Actually... I beat it with a friend of mine... never could do it solo though. :(
(battletoads that is...)

My hardest game? Before I get into this... I score a perfect score on spacial relations on almost any IQ test I've ever taken... Patern recognitions too... But when it comes to this game, I just can't get it done.


Its not only the fact that I can't get all of the things around the palace and make the special ending happen, nono! Its the fact that no matter how good I ever get, my older sister can always get a higher score... AUGH! And she can't play any other game! She sux at everythign else! But tetris... She whoops me all the time in tetris!

Rob Williams

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There have been so many games I've played that have been extremely difficult.

Most recently, I have found Far Cry to be a very difficult game. Some areas in the game just make you want to pull your hair out. Most recent console game may have to be Quantum Redshift, for the Xbox. To beat the game, you need to beat on the fasted difficulty, which is hard if you don't cheat.

Maybe Project Gotham Racing 2 as well.. I can't get very far into that one at all :D


hard games , Hmmmm

Well i always find FPS games very easy.........unless the game sucks hardcore.
TETRIS was a joke..... and i still find it dumb, no piont to it. Push the block on top of each other .. 5 hours later bored out of your tree.
Battle toads i heard of that and played it a few... but i hardly ever play a game to the end unless its got me hooked.
Atm i can't think of any game that was ever to hard... im sure ill find one tho, and let you all know. But i do remeber my freinds just throwing the N64 controllers at the wall because they were so pissed, hahahaha

Greg King

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CanadaPro said:
TETRIS was a joke..... and i still find it dumb, no piont to it. Push the block on top of each other .. 5 hours later bored out of your tree.

Who plays a "boring" game for 5 hours?

Probably the hardest game I have ever played was Ghosts and Goblins for the NES. You can get hit twice and then you die. Terribly hard game that I never finished. That and any NBA game........always lose to my friends. ALWAYS.

Come and get some Halo though biz-natches!