Weird Video Issue????


So I just built a new system (the specs are below). Everything works PERFECT, I'm keeping it stock for the meantime with no overclocks. Games run incredibly well, everything is kosher.


I've had this problem with VIDEOS, movies or anything that plays in WMP....where it really screws up and locks up the video, eventually locking up the entire system.

It's very hard to explain, but it looks sort of like someone blew across the screen, and some pixels were blown off and there is just color underneath. Then wherever I move my mouse it causes more if this sort of video degrade. So it's like splotchy little patches of just colored pixels, where the video and/or desktop should be. This lasts about 15 seconds until usually everything freezes and I'm forced to restart.

I'm pretty sure I have isolated it to just WMP and/or Movies-Video-etc. I used the K-Lite codec pack, and I was wondering if it might have something to with that?

I really hate to that sort of taint on my new machine so if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this, I'd appreciate any advice.



E8400 Wolfdale 3.0ghz
EVGA 780i Motherboard
EVGA 8800 GTS (G92) 512 mb
4 gb of G.Skill 800mhz Ram
Samsung 250gb 3.0/s Harddrive

Rob Williams

Staff member
First off, grats on the new rig!

I'd usually be quick to blame the GPU, but the problem seems to lay with videos only, so I'd first thing it's a software problem. Did you test the videos in a different media-player, such as VLC, and see if the problem reproduces itself? It could be the codec pack you installed, but it would sure be odd for a codec to halt an entire machine, especially with video corruption like that.

Does the video corruption occur ONLY within the video, or on the entire screen?