Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet

Rob Williams

Staff member
Wacom's tablets have long been considered an industry standard, and reasons as to why are obvious to anyone who uses them. Though the Intuos3 was a masterpiece of a tablet, the Intuos4 improves things all-around, such as with a higher level of sensitivity, LED-labeled quick-keys, removable USB cable, improved design and more.

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Wacom Intuos4 Large

I have the intuos4 Large.

It is my first tablet and the only one I even considered. I am a decent mouse artist, and was not sure how to use the pen and graphic tablet, but found out real quick, this thing is no toy, it is a serious graphic artist, high quality piece of equip. I found it humorous the active area is near perfect match on the screen of my laptop, makes scale and finding positions easy.

This is seriously the best purchase I have made for the arts and designs i make up on it.

I might have spent more than I should have, but I know i got what will work no matter how much i demand of it. The first nib in mine, it did seem to flatten to some extent in the first few hours, but once it compressed to that point, it has stopped.

I have gotten used to the pressures, implemented the navigational uses back, forward, scroll up, down, copy, cut, paste, undo all without touching a mouse.

From a newbie for tabs, I found it easy to set up my custom buttons first in photoshop, then designating them to the buttons on the tablet. This has increased my speed a lot.

I won't be going back to a mouse. I can guarantee that.
Corel Sketchpad is a really nice software along with the illustrator. Im not too thrilled with the wacom brushes though. I have always made my own brushes every time i get involved in a project, however designing them is a lot faster than ever before.

I love it.

Jen McPherson

Resident Artist Nerd
Intuos 4

Oh yes, I also believe the Intuos 4 to be a serious artists tool. I used the medium for the review, I'm sure the large is mighty impressive. The tablet is fantastic, and the nib on mine also seems to have stopped compression now. It was my first initial worry, but it appears to be fine. I still put a smooth paper over my board when drawing, as I'm just touchy about finger prints and such. I love it, what can I say? ^^

Glad you love yours too. It just makes art creation that much easier, and makes you wonder how you've gone so long without it. I use to be a mouse artist as well, which took a lot of patience, so I know where you are coming from.

I'm continually impressed by Wacom and their tablet technology. Having used the Intuos 3 and Intuos 4 I can pretty much say Wacom would always be my first choice for PC art tools.

Best of luck with yours!