VOX V1 750GB External Hard Drive

Rob Williams

Staff member
External hard drive enclosures are a dime a dozen... kind of. VOX's solution delivers similar features as the others, such as USB 2.0 and FireWire connections, along with some backup software. In the end though, what should be a killer offering proved to be a very mediocre one.

You can read Greg's full review here and discuss it here!


Tech Monkey
Price and build quality are extremely important for a external drive (I have my own software I'm used to) and it seems that this unit falls a little short.

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
Staff member
Price is a huge concern of mine and unless you get the thing at Buy.com, your going to essentially be paying more money for less quality.

I kind of feel bad for Vox actually. Well, I want to feel bad for them, I really don't feel all that bad at all. They are undoubtedly getting their gear from somewhere in china and being a newer company, they are starting cheap. This ends up hurting them because the first impression people get of them is the V1... a shoddy enclosure with a very good drive inside.


Beware the promise of VOX rebates

Do a web search on VOX rebates before making any purchasing decisions on "after rebate" pricing.

_If_ you ever see a rebate check, there's a good chance it will bounce. (See the slickdeals forums for discussions on VOX)