VoodooPC Confirms Integration into HP

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
Towards the middle of last month, we posted about a rumor that VoodooPC as we knew it was shutting down, but found out later that not all of our facts were spot on. Though, it was quickly evident that changes were being made that would drastically effect how the company operates.

Our friends are Gizmodo sat down with Voodoo's co-founder Rahul Sood to find out what's really happening, and unearthed everything we needed to know. Rahul reaffirms the fact that Voodoo is not disappearing, but changes are being made for the sake of becoming more effective. In gist, Voodoo will become better intertwined with Voodoo so that each company can sponge off of each other with ease. Voodoo is also shifting over a lot of the manufacturing to Asia, which will cut down on their workforce in Calgary, Alberta, but improve output.

Rahul brings up some interesting points in the chat, such as the fact that only 25% of their customer-base are gamers. That's not surprising when you think of it - there's clearly a much larger market for those seeking out a "luxury" PC, something that the Dell's of the world cannot offer. After all, most boutiques are just for that, cool chassis', great design and looks that make your friends drool. Regardless, it's good to see that Voodoo is alive and well, and hopefully the merge into HP will result in a slew of cool products in the near-future.


Rahul also addressed the concerns that some gamers had that Voodoo had abandoned its core audience. He surprised us with an interesting statistic: 25% of the Voodoo customer base are gamers, he says. The other 75% are "fortunate people who love the style and the fact that our products are so different." On the matter of the sleek new Envy not being a gaming PC at all, he mentions that it's not the first time, and that the hot-selling 12-inch Envy had integrated graphics too.

Source: Gizmodo