Video Issue



Well I recently built a new machine, and it has been working perfectly, except until a couple of weeks ago. I am running Windows XP and all of a sudden, whenever I watch a video, the contrast goes from very light to very dark throughout the video. I had VLC media player installed before this happened, and it was fine, but recently it has been doing this. I have tried installing and uninstalling VLC but it doesn't make a difference. Windows Media Player also has the same problem too.

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to correct this problem? Thanks a lot!


The One, The Only...
Whats the the vid codec? is it with -any- video? Are you sure this isn't a side effect during a pr0n session?

Also, have you installed any new media software recently? (even if it was just an audio program.)

Iunno if this should be under vid cards and display, but that is up to roberto.