Vantec SATA/IDE to USB Adapter


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They did away with the power brick? That's bogus. I'm willing to bet that the price didn't drop to reflect their lowered cost.


doen't show up

I picked up one of these, but when I hooked it up it didn't show up in my Computer? Am I missing something? It shows when I remove it.



Glad to hear that you got your data saved. The Vantec USB to SATA/IDE converter has become a trusted and necessary piece of test equipment in my arsenal. I think it'll do the same in yours.

My company (GDIT) is international so I'm as likely to be in London as New York next week.
Can one of you who already owns this Vantec adapter look on the power brick and tell me if the input is listed as 110-230V please. None of the sites selling this (including the vantecusa site) include this info in the specs.


How to recover a crashed drive

I bought this to try to recover files frm a crashed Dell Dimension tower computer, with an 80GB 3.5 HDD. The drive would no longer boot up the original computer and has a lot of data files left on it. Connecting to my new computer with the SATA/IDE it is asking me to format the drive, which I assume I do not want to do. But without formatting, it does not seem to enable recognition of the drive. Had Windows XP on the Dell, with multiple (family) users. Is there a way or software to enable punching through to read the data?


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Howdy. If the computer isn't recognizing any existing partitions on the drive then it is probably hosed. I'd suggest contacting an expert data recovery company at this point if you really need the files.

Do NOT attempt a reformat, as you will destroy pretty much all of the data, assuming it even worked. The only other option is to find a good data recovery software and hope it can read the drive, but I think chances of that are slim.


This was actually Matts review, but I don't see that being a problem. I've partitioned my 2.5" drive before and the computer picked up on all of them when connected via USB.

So no, I doubt it will be a problem. Please let us know when you give it a try though. If for some reason it doesn't, which I really can't see, then you may need a different type of converter (Like an PCMCIA S-ATA Card).