Using different overclocking settings with CrystalCPUID


Hello all,

I'm using an Asus A8V deluxe board still with an X2 4200+. Yes I'm still on AGP but I got a strong AGP card, a Sapphire 3850. Anyways let's cut to the chase. I found a nice tool for using different overclocking settings in your operating system. This tool is called CrystalCPUID. And it too works under Windows 7 64 bit :) You can download this neat little program here

Now after downloading open the CrystalCPUID.exe file. The program starts.
For my motherboard you can use the AMD multiplier option (open the menu function - AMD K6/K7/K8/LX multiplier).


Next I enable voltage control and set the voltage and multiplier settings that I need. Then I press create shortcut to desktop. A shortcut is made with your preferred settings. When you click on that shortcut the system will set up these settings for you. This works quite neat.


These are the overclocking profiles I made for my PC. When I'm not using my PC for gaming I stick to the lowest setting. I can then use the PC quieter and the performance difference is barely noticed when using the operating system.




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I haven't ever been a fan of in-OS clocking tools but if you have had success with it, that's awesome. I haven't ever heard of this program but might give it a try, just to kick it around. Good post!


Thank you! :) Well I was looking for enabling the Cool 'n Quiet option when overclocking, but that doesn't work well at all. This little program enables me to adjust multiplier and voltage settings and that was exactly what I wanted to achieve. I too prefer setting up your bios settings the best way first.

My aquamark scores.. With the system and the 6800nu I thought I reached something like 93K. Then I've also benched with the 7950 GT 550m (has double the pipelines of the standard 6800: 24). I scored around 112K with that.. I haven't bothered yet with the ATI 3850 AGP I've got now. I do know it's about twice as powerful as the 7950 GT 500m. I haven't bothered installing Windows XP again to start benching with Aquamark. Vista and 7 aren't decent benching OS'ses if you ask me..

Rob Williams

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Nice write-up man! I love the fact that the overclocks can be configured simply by double-clicking the shortcuts for them... that's keen. If someone really wanted to, they could even make hotkeys out of each shortcut and configure the overclock with just a few keystrokes.

Oh boy, another Aquamark benchmarker? :D


Well thank you! I see I accidentally put it in the wrong section though haha!

Oh boy, another Aquamark benchmarker?

Ehhh.. yep! It is quite prehistoric nowadays LOL! I did like trying 3dmark03 and 05 too. Any later 3dmark benchmarks I wasn't really bothered about. I try to enjoy some daily oc'ed settings nowadays. My PC isn't that new anymore, but it will do the job as I desire still.