USA Black Friday Deals

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Keep an eye on the latest updates to the Black Friday sales at the following site:

Best Buy previews were just added,

DOORBUSTERS (5am - 12pm)

$2.99 DVD's (Hitch, Bad Boys 2, 50 first dates, a couple others)
42" Westinghouse LCD HDTV Reg. $1499.99 ($999.99) SAVE $500 Instantly
Toshiba 50" Plasma TV Reg. $2999.99 ($1699.99) SAVE $1300 Instantly
Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV Reg. $849.99 ($479.99) SAVE $370 Instantly
Insignia 8" Portable DVD Player Reg. $139.99 ($69.99) SAVE $70
E Machines Computer Package(Celeron w/ 512MB RAM) w/ 15" LCD Monitor Reg. $574.99 ($189.97) SAVE $385 Instantly
SanDisk 1GB Mp3 player Reg. $69.99 ($34.99) SAVE $35 HP Core Solo Notebook 15.4", 1024 MB Ram, 80GB Hard Drive, DVD and CD BURNERS Reg. $749.99 ($379.99) SAVE $370 Instantly

Plus JCPenney, Sears (Roombas!), Office Max, Kmart, KBToys, EBGames, Ace Hardware and many many more to come. This site updates almost every day.

The tough part is trying to figure out where to be at 4am to get in line! (yes I said 4am)

However be wary of mail in rebates vs instant savings. If it's a mail in rebate, you really take your chances of ever seeing a dime. Read more about it on the Black Friday Ads page...

Bring coffee! See you in the lineups.
Not open for further replies.