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I am about to upgrade my current machine in the coming month. My choices are to either upgrade the video card from a x1900 XTX to a 8800GTS 640MB OR to upgrade my processor from a E6600 to a Q6600. At this point, I can only afford one but shortly, I would like to get whatever I don't decide on this time. What do you all think?


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Upgrade the CPU and wait for the next gen DX10.1 cards since in my opinion the 8800's are gonna be crap for real 100% DX10.1 games.


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Unless you're going to make use of the extra cores, I would not recommend getting a quad core at this time. I don't think gamers will see any benefit from quads at this time. If money is tight and you still want a quad, check out this thread.

So, I would therefore recommend getting the 8800GTS - not only for the vast performance improvement it offers over the X1900 right now, but also because it will allow you to sell your X1900 that much sooner, and if money is tight you probably won't be getting a decent DX10.1 card until well after they've been released. Who knows, maybe there'll be some DX10 games out by then. :rolleyes: Also, there are a number of reviews showing that overclocked 320mb 8800GTS's can compete very well against 640mb 8800GTS's, so that might save you some cash as well.

If money is a concern, I would suggest scouring your local hot deals forums for prices on the Xeon X3210 and 8800GTS 320mb. You may be pleasantly surprised at how far you can stretch your dollars.


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My God, I haven't kept up on pricing. Get the X3210. Look here for it as well:


$227US + shipping for a Quad is INSANE!!!! I'd skip the 320MB GTS though. They are having some rough times with the texture memory and driver issues making them kinda problematic.

EDIT: Posted same link as nicepants...... Guess I haven't kept up on reading someone's entire post as well......


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I would go for the 8800GTS unless you have a use for a quadcore.

I would hold off on the quadcore because he generates quite a bit of heat and consumes more juice. When a quadcore is needed there'll be quadcore chips available that give off less heat and suck up less power. I would atleast wait for the Penryn quadcores to see who they perform.