Unique Hardware


Anyone have any unique hardware that most don't have? Personally I have a water-cooling unit that doesn't fit my socket LGA 775, a Buttkicker which vibrates my office chair, a fan timer that spins my case and CPU fan after shutdown, and a harddrive selector switch. My favorite is the Buttkicker. The harddrive selector switch is kind of cool. I'll hopefully be able to switch from Windows to Linux when I get my second drive up and running.


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I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Well, there is the Magnum EX PSU which is pretty unique and a few other odds and ends I've aquired doing reviews but you'd have to decide how unique they are by reading the reviews.


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Ive got one of the last mobos to be put into a comp by sony that uses rdRam.

Ive got a quantum fireball hdd that died because of errors before it actually caught on fire.

Ive got a pic from my girlfriend that looks o so sexy :)


You're lucky I couldn't even leave the lights on :p

But, I have a really cool swivel/tilt webcab that tracks movement - it's pointed outside the house at the driveway and you wouldn't belive how many people stop and move about to see it following them :D
Though, it's main use is to see when somebody arrives at my house before they knock on the door so I can move the dog into the back room before she goes crazy and tries to kill them.......