Undervolting AMD FX-9590 pls help


Hi all,

So it's summer and outside temps can reach 32 to 34c and my house has no AC and its an old type of house in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with wooden floors...you get the gist...
This is only during the summer (undervolting)

First of my specs:
CPU: FX-9590
RAM: Corsair 4x4GB Vengeance 1600MHZ (QVL)

Cooling: Custom water loop: D5 top/res - Koolance CPU-380A - 480 radiator
CPU idle: 34c to 38c (are these good temps even in the summer?)

I have no experience with overclocking nor undervolting i heard is a simple task to just undervolt your cpu. But for me i just don't want to screw things up hope you can help me with this.

I need help with lowering the vcore on cpu current is 1.5v ive read you can lower it to 1.368 and DISABLE - AMD turbo core and still run at 4.7GHZ. I plan on first start at 1.4v don't know if i need to change other settings. So if some one would be kind enough to help me and explain in simple terms how to do this. I tried it my self disable Turbo but once i change the voltage from 1.5+ to 1.4 and press enter it reads something like this: 0.700000 didnt trust it so i change back to optimal default. So what should i enter in the field to get 1.4v? 1.512 - 1.400 = 0.112?

Anyway if some can guide me with this "so called simple task" i would be very thankful.
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