Ultra's 2000 watt power supply?


Tech Monkey
If hte day ever comes that I even need over 1K watts for my PC, then I will ceae upgrading. I am not rewiring my house so I can have the most uber power supply. If you were to pull over 1800W from your wall outlets for any real length of time, you better have GOOD fire insurance.

I'd say if we ever need this stupidly high amount of power, then it is time to go to 220V. Seriously.


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Or just break down and run dual pSU? I know we have dual cores... 0.o LOOK AT THAT GUYs DUAL PSU!

Rob Williams

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There are some people who run dual-PSU setups, but I don't see the need. A single 1000W at most should be enough for anyone. I can't even push out 405W+ out of my high-end Quad-Core and 8800GTX card. Add a second card and a whack of hard-drives and it still wouldn't be above 650W.


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Guys, it IS out, it's the 1600W. Ultra was told by UL that UL would never certify a 2000W power supply due to the fact that it could draw enough current through the wiring in just about every house in the US to cause a fire. Of course at draw exceeding the breaker rating it would trip anyways but that's their reason. Ultra said "Ok, what will you certify?" UL said "1600W" and the rest is history.