Ultra X-Finity DR 500W

Rob Williams

Staff member
Power supplies come in just about every conceivable configuration. High wattages, single 12V rails, dual 12V rails, triple, quad. You name it, you can find it. One of the newer things we're seeing here in the states is active PFC (power factor correction). Today we take a look at an existing PSU that's been souped up with APFC and a hidden difference.

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Tech Monkey
I like it.. I'd like it more modular. A 600w would be nice to see too. Mine will suffice for now. I don't see a need to replace my X2. Straight and to the point. ;)


Soup Nazi
I do. The X2 loads both vidcards off the 12V2 rail along with the CPU. That's about 21A on that rail under full load. It'll be OK for a while but I'd be leary about using it like that for over a year. Just thought you'd like to know.