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Ultra Products continues to add quality products to their line up. They produce numerous modding supplies and kits, and are arguably most known fpr their X-Connect PSU. Recently they have released the Wizard Mini-Tower ATX case, which is geared towards giving gamers everything they are looking for, and more. Have they succeeded?

Read the review here, and leave a comment or add your two cents in this thread.
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I personally liked the look of it! Its has one of a my favorite colors! And its specs are decent as well :)

So what is my complaint about it? The side swinging door. I cases usually end up at my feet in the middle beneath my desk. A door to get to the slots would prove both pointless and incovienient for me. There would be a good chance that if I ever changed a cd and began loading while getting a glass of water or something, upon returning and sitting down I would probably (on accident) kick the thing to far to the side and snap it. It would have been nice to see them build some sort of way to move the door out of the way, such as it locking to the side or slidding back into the case from the front, which would solve my only complaint about it.

Mike Delorme

I to thought this was a weird thing to have...I dont know who came up with it. Most computer desks have a spot to put the case, and its usualy only slightly bigger than the tower itself. The only thing that I can think of for the reason they did this was to be different.


Nice looking case yes, but has flaws. They should have incorporated more features such as green switch, green LED, audio ports, spdif, etc.

Also the major flaw is they claim it is USB 2.0 and firewire for the front jacks that do exist. The cables do not meet the "USB 2.0 Board" specification. The shield is floating at both ends.
Also the firewire appears to be flawed. Although the cable has a shield pigtail, it is only connected to the front panel plastic and no way to the shell of the firewire port.