Ubi to close Wolfpack Studios - fate of Shadowbane unknown


Ok in an interesting twist, Wolfpack dissolved only to regroup and reform a new company - Stray Bullet Games, who have now been CONTRACTED by Ubisoft to maintain Shadowbane...

*shakes head*

Rob Williams

Staff member
Wow. Umm. That's strange.

Well, at least it's good for the players who enjoy the game. It's still up in the air how long Ubisoft will let it run though.


Developer: Stray Bullet Games
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Final
Platforms: PC MAC

Shadowbane is a game of realms, where players effect what happens within the world. You can create great empires, build city's, and claim a realm for your nation. You can be a merchant, and trade with other city's and nations. Shadowbane is also a game of thrones. Your nation can conquer your enemy's and claim there lands as your own, or you can be the soloist and roam freely to kill the weak. Your nation can also be destroyed, so playing politics with other nations can help keep your nation going.
The character creation is very flexible and unique. There are 12 different playable races. There is also 4 sub class's that can become over 22 different class's. This, along with th over 43 disciplines, makes an endless number of character combinations!

Even the crafting system is highly unique. No more endless hours of clicking one or two buttons for a small gain in a crafting skill. In Shadowbane, you rank up hirelings in your buildings and tell them what you want them to make. Random magic items, or use resources to create exactly what you want. Select more than one item to be created at the same time as well! Its all built around PvP. You have to claim a mine to gain resources, and fights over mines happen often.

Screens: http://mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/setView/screens/gameID/16/setStart/1