Turtle Beach Ear Force X2 Xbox 360 Headset

Rob Williams

Staff member
If you play on Xbox Live often and are sick of using the flimsy headset you received with your console, then you are in luck. Turtle Beach released their X2 headset earlier this year, and it proves to be a very worthy upgrade to the headset you have now.

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chat sound so low

I just bought the x2 and love it....well for the most part.

Sound quality of environment,music is GREAT.

However the chat volume is way drowned out. I can barely make out what my friends are saying in-game. Ive followed the rec setup and went to the mfg's FAQ but here i am still.

I am at a point right now where I turn the game music off, turn the rest of the audio to the next to lowest option and I am just at the point where i can hear my teammates chat.

Any suggestions anybody?