Titan robela mod question...


I just bought a titan robela water case, and in a review i read, they said that you could add 2 more 120mm fans on the radiator next to the existing fans. I definately would like to do this, but i have no idea which fans i should buy.

should i go w/ low cfm or high cfm, and what brands are good? a friend said that i should go w/ low cfm fans because they would be quieter, but i dont care about noise. i run a wicked loud box and a huge fan in my room. so im thinking about getting like 112 cfm fans.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

sushi K


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Let me just say firstly, that's an nice case!

If noise isn't an issue a faster higher flow-rate fan is the way to go. You'll get more air to keep things cooler inside the case at the cost of noise. Any top name brand fan supplier will provide an excellent fan with relatively low noise and high air flow.
Just check out a couple from Aspire, Thermaltake, and MassCool.

You can always take another route with quieter fans such as the ones <a href ="http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=ENE&N=2010110062+1294418552+1057608552+1058108619&Subcategory=62&description=&srchInDesc=&minPrice=&maxPrice=&ATTR1=&ATTR2=&ATTR3=&ATTR4=&ATTR5=2010110062+1294418552+1057608552+1058108619&ATTR6=&ATTR7=&ATTR8=&ATTR9=">here</a>.
Personally I'd find a middle ground, and go with one that provides a large amount of flow with minimal noise.


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Hehehe... Jakal hits the nail square on the head.

Hi CFM fans of that size will be a bit loud, be sure to properly bolt it down so that it does not fly away!

I know, I got my finger in the way of a strong 120mm fan while building BOSS...
knocked two tiny (but deep) holes in the ends of my fingers! Essentially bruised my "wittle finguh tips"... made typing a REAL pain!

Get some good grills on those things, dont make my mistake thinking you can just catch one... nope!