Those of you that get (or got I should say) CGW...


Tech Monkey
Their November issue, the last CGW mag to be released (now becoming Games for Windows)...

Check out the write up towards the back on the Extremetech! mod contest!
*blink* *blink*
Hehehehe.... I had that magazine sitting on my desk for several weeks, and had just missed that article!

There is BOSS, and 3 other contestants from the contest!
I am flattered that they put BOSS in such a prominant position (full page, lead off of article), however it perplexes me because I did not even win one of the weekly draws in the contest!

Flattered none the less. I remember trading emails with someone from CGW talking about my mod... I would have never thought it would take the lead off the way it did though!

Greg King

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Congrats once again Tech! I will have to see if I can find a copy of that issue. It's always nice when a forum member, an active one none the less, gets the attention they deserve.