The State of GPU Acceleration in Firefox for Linux


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One of the biggest features coming to Mozilla's Firefox 4.0 Web browser is the ability to take advantage of your PC's graphics card in order to accelerate the Web. At the least, page rendering can be heavily sped up, and if you are a heavy browser, that's something that would be noticeable right off the bat. Fortunately for Windows and Mac users, support will be ready when 4.0 final gets released, but what about Linux?


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ok, so I just downloaded the beta 10 and fired it up. DANG the difference is phenomenal as compared to 3.6. Pages load nearly INSTANTLY and it looks so much like Chrome (BIG plus because I LOVE Chrome's look). And I can tell it uses GPU acceleration...due to the fact that when I have it open FRAPS is constantly showing my FPS in the top-left corner of my screen :p

also when playing facebook games like Crime City, in Chrome my CPU would be handling all the flash processing, now my processor is nearly idle with Firefox only using 3% GPU power. :D
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I am still waiting for final, then I'll drop Chrome for a bit and see if I can get back into Firefox. I'm hoping so... I'd rather support Mozilla than Google.